What’s New features in WordPress 4.8 version

What’s New features in WordPress 4.8 version: WordPress has released the new version of wordpress 4.8 last week so, today we will show you what new features are added in the wordpress 4.8 and which features you should add on your wordpress website so that you can make some changes easily. What changes did WordPress make in own new WordPress 4.8 version?

wordpress 4.8

Note: Don’t forget to create a complete wordpress backup before starting the new wordpress update.

All New Media Widget Changes

WordPress has changed some features in media widget which changes are image widget, Video widget, Audio widget, Visual Editor in Text Widget and Visual Editor Enhancements etc.

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Image widget

Image widget wordpress 4.8

Before release the wordpress 4.8 if wordpress user wanted to upload an image in the sidebar of the website then they need to install an extra plugin to add an image on the sidebar or write custom HTML but with the help of wordpress 4.8 they can drag and drop the image widget to the sidebar.

To add an image on sidebar easily click on ‘’Add image’’ tab in the widget setting and set the image on the sidebar of the website.

You can upload the image easily from your or you can also select your already uploaded image from your media library after uploaded the image click on the “Add to Widget” tab then you will be able to see the image preview which is uploaded and don’t forget to save the widget setting.

Video Widget

video widget WordPress 4.8

With wordpress 4.8 similarly to the image widget wordpress 4.8 new version provide the video widget. It allows you to simply a method to add the video in the sidebar of the website. Or display any video from YouTube or any other embed provider.

Note: We highly recommended you don’t upload a video on you wordpress website unless you should use the wordpress video hosting provider

Video widget makes a very simple step to embed videos from your popular video hosting providers. To add the video you need to click on the “Add video” tab then media uploader popup will open front of you.

Then, you need to click on the “insert from URL” after that paste the URL after pasting the URL wordpress will fetch the video thumbnail and show it.

Next, click on the “Add video” tab then you will see the video thumbnail in the video widget section,

At last, don’t forget to click on the save tab to store your widget settings.

Audio Widget

Audio widget WordPress 4.8

Similarly to image widget and video widget, the Audio widget also allows you to add audio files on your wordpress website sidebar. First of all, click on “Add Audio” tab to audio files.

Next, Widget brings you easily embed the audio file in HTML5 audio file. WordPress 4.8 support MP3, OGG, and WAV audio file formats. Then you can easily upload your audio on your website.

Visual Editor in Text Widget

Visual Editor in Text Widget wordpress 4.8

In the previous version of wordpress default text widget area very simple text area where you do not have a visual text editor to add your own HTML even each basic formatting. With wordpress 4.8 has improved these features text widget with visual editor support.

This is the very easy version of the same visual editor, which we use to write posts and pages. It will help to make a text bold, italic and underline, professional users can also switch to a text editor to HTML manually.

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Visual Editor Enhancements

visual text WordPress 4.8

When beginners using the editor to write any post they had to face a problem to move the cursor away from the link, but with wordpress 4.8 users can press the left or right key to move the cursor from the link.

WordPress News and Events Dashboard Widget

News and event wordpress 4.8

WordPress 4.8 provide the many features in the new version of wordpress, as well as wordpress 4.8, also provide the new features for news and events dashboard widget, with this features you are able to see the wordpress news and event near your location in your admin area. You can change the location according to your location.

Changes Under The Hood

WordPress 4.8 has changed some exciting for developers, these changes/improvements are under the hood

Change in the editor API

  • A new API for TinyMCE editor to be dynamically instantiated via JS. (#35760)


Variable customizer width

If you have used the live theme customizer on your large screen then you may have informed that you sidebar looks too narrow. (#32296)

Tag cloud widget will not use title tag

In the old version of wordpress tag cloud widget showed the posts filled the under a tag but in the new wordpress 4.8 tag cloud replace with the accessible aria-label attribute.

Note: for more details about wordpress news you can bookmark this webpage to know the latest updates

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