Important Sign that WordPress site is hacked

Important Sign that WordPress site is hacked: Every New blogger is always confused how they know their site is hacked. so, today in this article we are going to teach you all about how you can secure your site from hackers. And you know before hacking your site that your site getting hack. Here we are providing some very important sign so that you could secure your wordpress site. If you want to know about all sign that will help you in future so you have to read this all points.

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Sudden Drop in Website Traffic

If you are a blogger then obviously you are using Google analytics to track your visitors and you see your Google analytics reports that your website traffic is decreasing day to day then it can be a sign of your website is hack.

If your site redirect to spammy site then you don’t ignore such kinds of sign it also can be a sign of website hacking

Bad Links Added to Your Website

Bad links is one of the common sign wordpress site data inject. Through the backdoors hackers create bad links and try to attempt on site these kinds of links most of the time added in footer in the website. These links can be very harmful for your wordpress site so you need to find and fix these problems.

Website’s Homepage Defaced

When your wordpress site’s homepage replace from the another interface and it is also a sign of site hacking. Some hackers hack and do not change homepage layout but some hackers change the homepage interface. Some hackers also leave the message for website owner so stay alert these types of hackers.

Unknown Files on your Server

If you check regularly your server content or files of your server then sometime you will notice. unknown files or any kind of script available on your server it can be a sign of hacking. If you want to secure your site from these types of problems then you can install Sucuri wordpress plugin it will alert you these kinds of problems.

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