How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress:  AMP stand for Accelerate Mobile Page, AMP is the best way to make your website page load faster on Mobile devices. For better user experience and increase your traffic on your website. It is the open source initiative supported by the technology company. If you want to increase your mobile user then you need to add AMP (Accelerate Mobile Page) wordpress plugin on your website. It provides mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere and it will also help you to grow your visitor who visits your website from mobile. After adding Amp WordPress plugin your visitor will increase and you can get more traffic from mobile devices. In this article, We will show to how to add AMP in WordPress. To adding AMP you need to follow the all instructions which is given below.

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress

How to setup Google AMP in wordpress

First of all, you need to install and activate wordpress AMP plugin on your wordpress website. For more details you can click on How to install and activate wordpress plugin Step by step for beginners.

After the Installation and activation, Go to wordpress Dashboard >> Appearance  >> AMP tab and see how look like your site on mobile devices after using AMP.

How to setup Google AMP in WordPress

AMP allows you to change header text color and header background & link color. You can also change entire page background color either light or dark.

If you want to change header text and background color then you need to follow the given below instruction

First, Go to Appearance and click on AMP then click on design

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress

Then you will see the option to change header color and header background color

you can change color according your choice

You can also change you site’s logo if your site’s theme support it.  At the end don’t forget to click on save & publish button.

Now AMP has successfully added on your wordpress site you can visit your site.

Now you can visit your any post of your website and add /amp/ at the end of URL

It will show you stripped down AMP version of same post

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress

View Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google search Engine Console

First of all, login your Google search engine Console and click on Search Appearance >>  Accelerate Mobile pages.

If you don’t see AMP result on search engine console don’t worry It may take some time due to Google index your accelerate mobile pages after that show data in search console.

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress
Extending and Customizing Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP wordpress plugin provide the very limited customization option, you can use some another wordpress plugin for adding more customization.

If you are using Yoast SEO then you install the Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP. After adding the plugin you need to visit page configure plugin settings Go to SEO >> AMP

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress


Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP plugin allows you to enable AMP for post

With the help of this plugin you can choose the colors on design tab. You can also upload site’s icon or logo and change header color, text color, title color and post meta info color.

You can also switch to Analytics button to add your Google Analytics ID.

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress


At the end don’t forget to click on the save changes button

We hope this article helped you to setup AMP on your wordpress website.

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