How to Login CloudFlare

CloudFlare Login: CloudFlare is CDN (Content Delivery Network) Service almost all hosting provider company provide CloudFlare hosting and it better than other kinds of web hosting. Most of the blogger and website owner prefer to choose CloudFlare hosting for better result. Because CloudFlare has many kinds of awesome features like it is very faster and user friendly hosting, and much important thing it is very safe & secure. If you are website owner and still you don’t use CloudFlare then we think so you should try once then you will get great experience. To day in this tutorial we will talk about CloudFlare everything if you are interested and passionate about it then you need to read the whole article.

Cloudflare login

CloudFlare Login with very easy steps

To login CloudFlare firstly you open the browser in your device and type “cloudflare login” in the search bar then you will see the many links in front of you but you need to click on the first link. Or click on the After that CloudFlare login tab open then you need to provide the required information for example “username” and “password” at last click on the “login” tab then your CloudFlare account will login. If you don’t have CloudFlare account then first you will have to signup CloudFlare. To Signup follow the given below steps.

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How to Signup CloudFlare

CloudFlare Signup:

  • After the cloudflare signup page will open where you need to fill your Email and password after that click on the “I agree” button

  • And click on the create account

  • Then you need to provide the more additional information their after your account has created.

Features of CloudFlare


CloudFlare provide the smart routing features for their clients and CloudFlare CDN service very popular among the entire world. CloudFlare loading time is very less.


The very important thing is CloudFlare is very secure and it save your website from all kinds of hacking attacks. It has Basic DDoS protection, Advanced DDoS protection – Layers 3 and 4, and Advanced DDoS support.

Automatic HTTPS rewrites, TLS optimization, Role-based access with two-factor authentication

How to Configure CloudFlare

After the Activation CloudFlare you need to configure the CloudFlare for your website.

Configure your site using cPanel

If you have activated your CloudFlare account with cPanel

  • First of all, login your cPanel account
  • Then go to the “software section” of your cPanel account
  • Next, click on “CloudFlare”
  • After that, you need to check the CloudFlare status is it enable or disable if CloudFlare is disable then you need to enable the CloudFlare
  • Then, locate CNAME record for your domain
  • Next, turn on the CloudFlare column vale
  • To disable CloudFlare you have to turn off the CloudFlare column value

Using SSL with CloudFlare

CloudFlare provide the high level security for their clients. If you are a website owner and still you did not install SSL then you should install to protect your site.

After the installation of SSL certificate and CloudFlare enabled on your website. Then entire connection is encrypted, to your web server.

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