How to Get User’s Attention with Comment Redirect in WordPress

As we know that, comments are the best way to keep you visitors engaged and create a very strong community for your business. We also know that comment is the great way to connect your user with you and your user Ask question to you through the comments. Yoast Comment Hacks will help you to get user’s attention. So, today through this article we will show you how to get user’s attention through comment redirect in wordpress. If you are interested then you need to read the entire article.

How to Get Attention Yoast Comment Hacks

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How to Redirect

First of all, you have to install and activate Yoast Comment Hacks wordpress plugin. For more details, you can also check How to install and activate wordpress plugin.

How to Get Attention Yoast Comment Hacks 1

After the installation and activation you need to go to the wordpress dashboard then find the setting >> Comment Hacks to configure the plugin

Go next, and click on the Comment Redirectbutton on the setting tab

How to Get Attention Yoast Comment Hacks 2

Here you need to select any page where you want to redirect first-time commenters. This page is very simple to thank you page with social media links, an email form, and your popular post.

You can manage also users to a landing page specific lead magnet page or special offer. After selecting the page where you want to redirect don’t forget to click on save button.


Now your comment hacks have successfully added on your wordpress website, if you want to see then you need to log out your wordpress site then you can see the comment hacks.

Then go to any specific post and leave a comment from any random name and email address.

You will be automatically redirected to page which you are selected when you click on the submit button

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