How and Why you should Limit Login Attempts in your WordPress (v4.7+) Site

How and Why you should Limit Login Attempts in your WordPress (v4.7+) Site: Whenever we are talking about the web and online first of all one thing will come in our mind which is security or protection. We know that time to many kinds of hackers tries to break into the website through guessing administrator password. By default WordPress (v4.7+) allows you to try different password as many time they want. It is also known as brute force attacks.  Today, in this article we will show you how and why you should limit login attempts on your WordPress site.

Why do you need to Limit Login Attempts in WordPress(v4.7+)?

As we know that, WordPress(v4.7+) allows you to enter as many times as you want. Hackers may try to exploit this by using different type guessing password until your WordPress website crack.

  • To prevent it you may limit the number of failed login user attempts.
  • For example, you have set login limit after 3 failed attempts, lock the user temporarily
  • If someone tries to break through login attempts more than 3 failed attempts then your site block their IP for a particular time limit which you have set period of time basis on your settings. you can set it 10 minutes or 30 minutes or 24 hours and even longer.

How to installLogin Lockdown

How to Do Limit Login Attempts in WordPress(v4.7+)?

First of all, you have to install and activate Login Lockdown plugin after that you need to go to admin dashboard and click on settings >> Login Lockdown page to configure the Login Lockdown settings

First of all, you need to define how many times login attempts can be made. After that,  you need to select how long a user will be unable to retry if they exceed the failed attempts.

The plugin allows you to keep trying a different kind of invalid usernames. you need to click on yes option to stop this.

The most important thing  doesn’t forget to click on the upgrade settings tab to save your changes

How to installLogin Lockdown

Short Tip for beginners

The first layer protection on your WordPress website is your password. You should always keep your password very strong we can understand strong password are difficult to remember. But you need to keep this strong

Now your WordPress website is safe after using this plugin

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