Best SEO Plugin for wordpress to Get Higher Ranking On Search Engine

Best SEO friendly plugin for wordpress: If you want to get higher ranking of your blog on search engines and get more traffic on your website then you have come to right place. We hope your problem will be resolved here. every blogger wants to get higher traffic on their webpage so, today we will show you how to get extra traffic on your site. Here on this page, we are providing the short list of SEO friendly plugin wordpress so that you can easily optimize your website through one of these wordpress plugins.

SEO Plugin WordPress

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO — WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO is one of the best wordpress free plugins for your site. Most of the people Yoast SEO known as SEO by Yoast, With the help of Yoast SEO plugin you can handle the many works in the single plugin. Using Yoast SEO wordpress plugin you can do following things:

  • Add meta value for your site homepage
  • Also Add SEO Title and Meta description
  • Add meta value for your single post and page
  • Create sitemap file
  • Social SEO
  • Control Indexing of your post
  • Edit robots.txt and .htaccess
  • Social Media Sharing
  • ping search engines whenever you update your site
  • Add Meta Keywords
  • Add Google Analytics

We can say that after the configuration of Yoast SEO plugin, It take care of entire work which performs in your wordpress site.

2.  SEMrush


When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we cannot forget to include very popular wordpress SEO tool that is called SEMrush. It is a very powerful competitive intelligence suite for online marketing. This plugin does not only help you to perform day to day task rather it also provide the analytics features for SEMrush’s clients. It is one of my favorite tools because with the help of SEMrush we are able to identify the opportunities and reply to them in quickly. It is extremely easy to access.

Using SEMrush we can learn about organic keywords to rank for, It provides the place where we can get the backlinks from.

It is a paid subscription and used by very professionals in the whole world, It can also provide the enormous wealth of data.

3. Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugins

It is a very useful and completely free of cost wordpress plugin. Broken link not only create a bad experience for your visitors, but it also can affect your wordpress website’s SEO. If you have a blog then you should check your website time to time so that when broken link creates on your site then you find and fix them. It allows you to find broken link and fix those broken links without any type of editing your post.

Broken Link Checker Features

  • Monitor links in your posts, Pages, Comments and custom fields
  • Detect link that doesn’t work
  • Notify you either by email or via dashboard
  • you can filter and search links through URL,
  • Link can be edit directly by plugin’s page, without updates manually every post
  • Very highly configurable

4. Linkpatrol


It is a very useful plugin for your wordpress site and it is a premium wordpress plugin which allows the website owner to control all links which are available on your website.

you can also monitor all the link outgoing links on your website and you can find out which are giving away link.

It is less resource intensive than another free of cost plugin, It also provides the instant and great way to clean the all your anchor text, link juice problems and spammy links with a very intuitive and so fast user interface.

Linkpatrol will also help you to find a review and clean link in your posts and pages.

5. SEOquake


SEOquake is not a plugin it is an SEO tool available for all browser like Safari web browser, Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla Web browser and Opera Browser. It provides all kinds of information related from SEO for all kinds of website. That information is page rank, age, last update, Alexa rank, and any other parameters. SEOquake one of the most popular and downloaded browser add-on by SEO professionals.

Using the SEOquake you can also see the search result for different keywords, with the help of SEOquake you can even download search result in CSV format and you may also prepare your own excel sheets of result data.

Note: If you want to know more information about wordpress plugin then you can bookmark this webpage for more latest updates.

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